New England Province Archive


Originally part of the Maryland province, New England became a separate Jesuit province in 1926 and included six New England states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

At the time of its formation, the New England province consisted of 492 Jesuits. It continued to grow until 1964, during the Second Vatican Council, when it peaked at 1,129 members, among them 755 priests, 63 brothers, and 311 Jesuits in formation. At that time, there were three institutions of higher education, two seminaries, five secondary schools, six retreat houses, three parishes, and numerous specialized ministries.

The province was also responsible for two foreign missions territories, which included another university, three more high schools and numerous parishes. In the 21st century, the New England Province reflected greater diversity of ethnic backgrounds than the dominant Irish strain that characterized its first 50 or 60 years. Although its traditional work continued to be anchored in education, it entered into a more diverse collaboration with diocesan bishops throughout the region and outside New England.

On December 3, 2014, the New England Province and the New York Province (1943-2014) unified to become the USA Northeast Province as part of a worldwide reconfiguration of the territories of the Society of Jesus.

Collection Summary

The New England Province Archive was kept in the New England Provincial’s office in Boston until the early 1980s when it was relocated to Campion Center in Weston, MA. In 1997 the Archives were moved to the College of the Holy Cross and a project archivist was hired. The New England Province Archive was transferred to the Jesuit Archives: Central United States in 2016. The collections within the Jesuit Archives: Central United States, including the New England Province Archive, were relocated to their current home at the Jesuit Archives & Research Center in November 2017.

The records measure approximately 1500 linear feet, which includes records of the Provincial, treasurer, formation director, personnel, and the various apostolates in which New England Jesuits have been engaged. House, community, parish records, foreign mission records, personal papers, and publications are also represented. A large audiovisual collection contains videos, audio-cassettes, films, slides and photographs and digital formats. In addition, the Archives maintains a collection of books authored by members of the New England Province since its founding.

Collection Arrangement

The the records of administrative units of the Province are arranged in record groups.  Subject and personal papers collections are arranged as special manuscripts collections.

Administrative Records

The New England Province Archive’s administrative record collection is arranged in seventeen record groups:

RG1: Records of the Provincial

RG2: Governance

RG3: Records of the Province Treasurer

RG4: Personnel Administration

RG5: Formation

RG6: Pastoral and Spiritual Apostolate

RG7: Education Apostolate

RG8: Social Apostolate

RG9:  Departments

RG10: House/Community/Parish Records

RG11:  Missions

RG12: Audiovisual and Digital Media

RG13: Blueprints and Architectural Sketches 

RG14: Publications

RG15: Reference

RG16: Relics and Artifacts

RG20:  Personnel Files

Special Collections

Personal Papers Collections

New England Province Authors Collection

New England Jesuit Oral History Project Collection

Finding Guides for New England Province Collections

RG1: Records of the Provincial

NE.1.A Patrick F. O’Gorman, SJ (Vice Provincial of New England Region, 1921-1924)

NE.1.B James M. Kilroy, SJ (Vice Provincial of New England Region, 1924-1926)

NE.1.1 James M. Kilroy, SJ (1926-1932)

NE.1.2 James T. McCormick, SJ (1932-1937)

NE.1.3 James H. Dolan, SJ (1937-1944)

NE.1.4 John J. McEleney, SJ (1944-1950)

NE.1.4A James H. Dolan, SJ (Vice Provincial 1950)

NE 1.5 William E. FitzGerald S.J. (1950-1956)

NE.1.6 James E. Coleran, SJ (1956-1962)

NE.1.7 John V. O’Connor, SJ (1962-1968)

NE.1.8 William G. Guindon, SJ (1968-1974)

NE.1.9 Richard T. Cleary, SJ (1974-1979)

NE.1.10 Edward M. O’Flaherty, SJ (1979-1985)

RG7: Education Apostolate

NE.7 Education Apostolate

RG10: House/Community/Parish Records

NE.10.3CRAN  Cranwell School

NE.10.8HTRIN  Holy Trinity Church

NE.10.9ICC  Immaculate Conception Church

NE.10.19SMC  St. Mary’s Church

NE.10.19STPH  St. Philip Neri School

NE.10.24XAV Xavier High School

RG11:  Missions

NE.11.1 Mission Office records description

NE.11.1 Mission Office records, series: Assistancy-wide Organizations

NE.11.1 Mission Office records, series: Directors records

NE.11.1 Missions Offices Records, series: New England Jesuit Foreign Missions–Iraq

NE.11.1 Missions Office records, series: New England Jesuit Foreign Missions – Jamaica Mission Region

NE.11.1 Mission Offices records, series: Other Missions with New England Jesuit Staff

NE.11.1 Mission Offices records, series: Other Office files

NE.11.1 Missions Offices records, series: Publication files

NE.11.2 Campion Hall Preparatory School and Campion College, Kingston Jamaica

NE.11.2 Foreign Mission records, Iraq Mission

NE.11.2 Foreign Mission records, Jamaica Mission/Region

NE.11.2 Social Action Center, Jamaica

NE.11.2 St. George’s College and St. George’s Extension School, Special Collection

Personal Papers

Michael J. Ahern SJ Papers

Francis W. Anderson SJ Papers

Matthew J. Ashe SJ Papers

James Henry Barry SJ Papers

John J. Carroll SJ Papers

Joseph G. Doherty SJ Papers

Charles J. Eberle SJ Papers

Thomas P. Fay SJ Papers

John C. Ford SJ Papers

Louis J. Gallagher SJ Papers

Thomas F. Hussey SJ Papers

Sydney Judah SJ and the Revival Scheme Collection

Joseph F. MacFarlane SJ Papers

Charles W. Mahan SJ Papers

Richard J. McCarthy SJ Papers

Joseph P. Merrick SJ Papers and Special Collection

Paul J. Murphy SJ Papers

Paul A. Nash SJ Papers

Francis J. Osborne SJ Papers

Joseph L. Ryan SJ Collection

John Peter Sullivan SJ and the Cooperatives and Credit Unions

Raymond Sullivan SJ and the Brown’s Town Mission and Holy Name Homestead, (Bamboo, St. Ann’s)

Sullivan Family Letters

Johann K. Walchars SJ Papers

Maurice B. Walsh SJ Papers

Francis X. Weiser SJ Papers