Catalogus Defunctorum

Carefully read the instructions in their entirety before searching for biographical information.

Step 1

Search for the name of a Jesuit in one of the following sections of “Index Alphabeticus Cognominum”:

Step 2

Identify the Jesuit’s unique numerical assignment from the “Index Alphabeticus Cognominum.” The number is found immediately after his name. For example, Rudolph J. Meyer’s unique numerical assignment is 12.875.

Step 3

Determine the appropriate numerical ranges (below). For example, you would search Meyer’s 12.875 in Numerical Range 11.910 through 13.546.

Step 4

Click on the appropriate numerical range and keyword search the name of the Jesuit. You may also scroll to locate a Jesuit’s unique numerical assignment. You are prevented, however, from keyword searching the entire number since the numerical assignments are separated on the pages. You must instead scroll to locate it.

Numerical Ranges

Numerical Range 0.1 through 1.600
Numerical Range 1.601 through 3.286
Numerical Range 3.287 through 5.26
Numerical Range 5.27 through 6.821
Numerical Range 6.822 through 8.492
Numerical Range 8.493 through 10.208
Numerical Range 10.209 through 11.909
Numerical Range 11.910 through 13.546
Numerical Range 13.547 through 15.211
Numerical Range 15.212 through 16.999
Numerical Range 17.0 through 18.707
Numerical Range 18.708 through 20.385
Numerical Range 20.386 through 22.29
Numerical Range 22.30 through 23.745
Numerical Range 23.746 through 25.395
Numerical Range 25.396 through 27.63
Numerical Range 27.64 through 28.740
Numerical Range 28.741 through 30.279
Numerical Range 30.280 through 32.239

Specialized Lists and Sections in Catalogus Defunctorum

The specialized texts are organized by their Latin titles. “Index Alphabeticus Cognominum” may serve as a resource in your research of the lists and sections.

  • Addenda identifies additional information, including corrections, about the text
  • Alba Russia refers to the Jesuits who lived in White Russia between 1793 and 1820 and died in the Society of Jesus. It is followed by an alphabetical list of Jesuit writers.
  • Conspectus Numericus identifies the total number of Jesuits in the world for a given year.
  • Elenchus Scriptorum identifies former Jesuits who distinguished themselves in the order.
  • Florilegia provides the names of Jesuits distinguished by their holiness or their ecclesiastical rank.
  • Geographia Vocationalis includes a list of the places of birth of deceased Jesuits, arranged by continent, country, and city.
  • Index Totius Voluminis identifies the text’s original pagination.
  • Sociorum Dubiorum identifies twenty-eight individuals who may have been Jesuits.
  • Titulus et Prologus introduces the content and scope of the project.