David P. Miros, Ph.D. | Director
Email: jarcdirector(at)

Madeline R. McDermott, MLIS/MA | Associate Archivist for Collection Management
Email: jarccollections(at)

Ann N. Knake, MLIS/MA | Associate Archivist for Reference Services
Email: jarcreference(at)

Mary C. McDonald, MA| Administrative Assistant
Email: jarcadmin(at)

General Reference

Email: archives(at)
Telephone: 314.361.7765
Fax: 314.758.7182

Please note: the Jesuit Archives: Central United States will be closed to reference requests beginning June 1, 2017, to prepare for the move to a new facility. To learn about our new location, please click here. We anticipate opening to requests in Spring 2018. We apologize for any inconveniences this causes.