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In 1808 the six Jesuits from Maryland, under the leadership of Anthony Kohlmann, came to New York City to take direction of St. Peter’s parish. These six Jesuits, the first in New York, stayed in the city for nearly ten years before being recalled to Maryland.

The Society of Jesus returned to New York in 1846 with the establishment of the New York-Canada Mission by French Jesuits who had been expelled from their country after the revolution of 1830. This mission continued to be administrated by the province of France, and later Champagne, until 1869 when it was established as an independent mission of the society.

On June 16, 1879 the New York and Canada Missions separated, and the New York Mission became part of the Maryland Province. The new Maryland-New York Province included not only the states of New York and Maryland, but also parts of New Jersey and the New England states. In 1926, the New England states became a separate province.

The Maryland-New York province established missions in Jamaica, the Philippines, the Federated states of Micronesia, Nigeria, and Ghana.

The New York province separated from Maryland in 1943. In 2014, New York and New England joined creating the Northeast Province.

Collection Summary

The New York Province Archive was transferred to the Jesuit Archives: Central United States in 2015.

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The New York Province Archive is arranged in three record groups:

RG1: Government of the Province

RG2: Personnel of the Province

RG3: Locations of Ministries in the Province

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